Our wide range of services includes mechanical production, welding construction, surface treatment and metal finishing as well as installation and ongoing after-sale service.

High quality standards are the basis for smooth and cost-efficient processes. Our customers benefit from our meticulous planning and steadfast control to achieve perfect and fast results. The inspection of materials is confirmed either by a factory certificate or, if required, by US-Standards testing documentation.

Our manufacturing capabilities

TURNING 2-axis D 850 x 2400
  3-axis D 700 x 1500
  5-axis D 850 x 1300
MILLING VMC 3-axis 1500 x 800 x 700
  5-axis 3000 x 800 x 800
DRILLING   D 40 in steel
GRINDING   D 250 x 1000
WELDING Welding rotary table,
inspected welders,
MP-, US- and X-ray
inspection with documentation
SAWING   D 10 - 450
Assembly workplaces Hydraulic press 30 t,
bridge crane system

We offer you special services

  • Material purchase and checking
  • Metal finishing
  • (Chassis) Construction and
    technical documentation
  • Approval by the German Technical Inspection Agency (MOT approval)


  • Welding construction for the manufacture of roller coasters 
    (vehicle frame, rolling carriages and brakes)
  • Axes
  • Bolts